Most people don't know what it's like to live a pain free life.

Enrolling in these online memberships and courses will provide you exercises and the knowledge to get out of pain, showing you what it's like to live pain free.

Hi, I’m Jeremy!

I'm here to provide a comprehensive approach to relieve pain and get rid of tight, cranky joints.

A main reason we have pain is due to joints that don't act like joints. My mission through mobility with intent is to help people dealing with pain and tightness to build real joints. If you're dealing with hip pain, it'll more than likely become pain free if we create a hip that acts like a hip.

Check out Kinstretch with me, the monthly mobility membership and other offerings to help improve the way you feel and achieve a pain free life

KINSTRETCH*: A movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion.


What is Kinstretch

These memberships and courses are designed to supplement your current activities. Are you a lifter? Runner? Desk worker? Skier? Human? Then this is designed for you.

Do everything with intent.

What's the purpose of the exercise?

Mobility can't just be thrown together. It takes time, focus and intent to build lasting mobility. A Kinstretch body practice and Functional Range Conditioning mobility strength training is how you achieve it!

See how it's helped others:

Jeremy created a customized plan for me, catered to the activities I wanted to improve in. He provided me with an easy to follow program that I could do on my own at my own gym. I have dropped around thirty pounds, but most importantly, I have played the last two seasons injury free. I am noticeably stronger and quicker and can play the sports I love with the performance I expect.

-Dave C

“Being a mountaineer and climber, I’ve been working with Jeremy for 3 years and I stick with him because he’s the only one that can help me get to the summit; both mentally and physically I am stronger with no injuries.“

-Kristin B

"Went from not thinking I'd be able to ski again due to a back injury to skiing all day pain free!"

-David H